The Big Book of the Blue

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Having treated us to the wonderful worlds of Bugs and Beasts, Yuval Zommer now takes us under water to celebrate all the creatures of 'the Blue'.  Starting with an introduction to ocean families- mammals, reptiles, crustaceans, etc- and how they move and breathe underwater, the book then focuses on different creatures, dedicating two beautifully blue pages to each.

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Seahorses, penguins, dolphins and pufferfish are just a few of the marine creatures that are featured here. Fascinating facts are surrounded by Yuval's wonderful illustrations, making this a book to linger over again and again. Did you know that a boxfish is square? Or that dragonets swim along the sea floor? Did you even know dragonets existed?! And did you know that one of the deep-sea fish (depicted on a suitably dark background) is called an ogrefish? There is so much to learn on these pages!

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With a section on 'fishy phrases' and hidden sardines to find throughout the book, there is plenty of humour to enjoy, although, the in book's final pages, the reader is reminded of the dangers posed to the oceans by our thoughtless actions. 

Published on the 10th May, 'The Big Book of the Blue' is a brilliant introduction to the wonderful world of water!

The Big Book of the Blue   Yuval Zommer and Barbara Taylor

Thames and Hudson    ISBN: 978-0500651193

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