LONG LIST REVIEW: The Histronauts: An Egyptian Adventure


Meet the Histronauts- Luna, Nani, Newton and Hero, the cat- as they visit a museum to find out more about the Ancient Egyptians. Whilst there, they find their way back in time where they meet Tia, a priestess, who shows them what life was like in Ancient Egypt before they return to the museum and their own lives.

This is a must have for any teacher starting a topic on the Ancient Egyptians. Beautifully illustrated, the story is told in cartoon format, making it engaging and easy to read. But there is no lack of information- the book is packed full of facts about life in Ancient Egypt which occur as the children spend time there. 

Before the children travel back in time, there is a note explaining archaeology, a timeline and a map of ancient Egypt to place the adventure in context. The museum itself is not named, allowing for it to be any museum with Egyptian artefacts anywhere. Once the children have travelled back in time, the story is interspersed with activities and things to make and do.

The book would make a great starting point for learning about this period as a whole topic could structured around it, offering a very practical, hands on approach to learning. Additional activities, research and perhaps a visit to a museum could be planned in alongside the story with the learning being led by the children's interests. The excellent illustrations easily lead to looking at pictures of the original artefacts and paintings from the period, for example 'The Book of the Dead'. 

Fascinating, fun and educational, 'The Histronauts: An Egyptian Adventure' is a wonderful resource for teachers as well as an excellent addition to the library! I hope they have more adventures soon.

The Histronauts: An Egyptian Adventure  Frances Durkin, illustrated by Grace Cooke

b small publishing      ISBN: 978-1911509097

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