LONG LIST REVIEW: Wild About Science


Fascinating from start to finish, 'Wild about Science' is a brilliant introduction to lots of scientific concepts. Grouped into different sections- 'Science', 'Great Scientists', 'Human Body' and 'Evolution'- each double page spread takes a theme and offers a mixture of facts, illustrations and photographs.

This is an essential book for the classroom; the other day it was invaluable for explaining what a 'maglev' is- you'd be amazed at what comes up in discussion in my classroom! The range of subjects covered make it useful for dipping in and out of to explain relevant concepts and to aid children in research. Clear illustrations- many labelled- add to the information and there are little quizzes dotted throughout.

The section on scientists is very interesting, stating where the person was from and when they lived, although the majority are European and only a few women. It is a useful starting point for further investigation into either the individual or their discoveries. 

There are sections that are particularly useful for the science curriculum- the section on classifying species for example. Linnaeus's classification system is clearly illustrated with photographs and some of Darwin's finches are pictured with their distinctive beaks suited to their diet. 

Children love a book like this where they can dip in and out of sections as they browse through or look up specific facts using the index. Attractive and colourful, full to the brim of information, this is a brilliant book for class, library and home.

Wild About Science  John Farndon, Steve Parker and Sally Morgan

Miles Kelly    ISBN: 978-1786173379