LONG LIST REVIEW: Tickling with Words

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"Words are power," it has to be said,

When spoken aloud or quietly read...

'Tickling with Words' is a lively collection of poems which revels in the joy of word play. Gathered into themed sections like 'Crazy Creatures', 'Doggy Doggerel' and 'Pun Time', the book offers humorous, silly and poignant poems on a range of subjects.

There are poems which would be wonderful as performance pieces- 'It Isn't Much Fun as a Werewolf', for example, offers great opportunities for children to work together and develop their own presentations. The 'Loopy Limericks' are both easy to learn and could lead to children exploring this form of poetry and writing their own versions. 

The collection also contains poems about those who don't have a positive relationship with words, books or school. 'Struggling with Words' and 'Sinking with Words' could make a great starting point for discussions and sharing ideas. This could lead to children writing poems of their own about reading, writing or books- or indeed any subject that they find harder.

Where else might you find poems dedicated to teaching assistants and the wonderful work that they do? There are many 'Mrs Henderson's who deserve this tribute and many children who would enjoy hearing this- and perhaps would enjoy writing their own tributes to these unsung heroes of the classroom. 

Offering a great range of poems which are sure to amuse and inspire and lots of quirky, fun illustrations, 'Tickling with Words' would be a great addition to any library.

Tickling with Words    John Townsend, illustrated by Stef Murphy

Book House    ISBN: 978-1912006656