The Apprentice Witch and the Witch Alone

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Arianwyn Gribble is a witch. In spite of the taunts of her classmates, led by the beautiful but horrible Gimma, she dreams of becoming a fully qualified witch and belonging to the Civil Witchcraft Authority. However, when her vision is blurred during her assessment, she messes up her evaluation and Arianwyn thinks she has lost her opportunity. Then she is offered a second chance: to serve as an Apprentice Witch in a small town called Lull until she is re-evaluated. 

Once there, it becomes clear that things are not as they should be and matters only become worse when the dreaded Gimma arrives on holiday. As strange things start to happen, everyone in Lull looks to Arianwyn for help. Can the Apprentice Witch save the day?

Full of magic and mystery, 'The Apprentice Witch' is a fantastic read. Arianwyn is a wonderful main character- resourceful, clever, brave and loyal, she is also self-deprecating and at times, almost naive, making her extremely likeable. With her pet moon hare and friends, Salle and Estar, Arianwyn manages to win over the people of Lull and prove that she deserves witch status after all.

Which is an excellent thing as her adventures continue in the second book, 'A Witch Alone'. In this book, Arianwyn finds herself recruited for an important, secret mission which will take her back to Lull. Hex plagues the forest surrounding the town and danger is in the air. The secrecy Arianwyn finds herself under badly affects her friendships and she is rushed off her feet trying to help the people of Lull. The story develops at a pleasing pace as Arianwyn must face great danger, re-evaluate some relationships and use all her skills once again.

In these books, James Nicol manages to create a convincing magical world full of pleasing characters. Brilliant creatures- snotlings, bogglins and razlors - are woven into the magical element of the story whilst friendship issues, and dealing with Gimma, convincingly depict very real relationships. The stories are great fun and very engaging- perfect for a class read aloud or a satisfying story for an independent read! 

Can't wait for the next one!

The Apprentice Witch  James Nicol

Chicken House       ISBN: 978-1910655153


A Witch Alone     James Nicol

Chicken House       ISBN: 978-1910655979