The Pony with No Name

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When her father dies, Bryony, her twin brother, Josh and their mother relocate to live near the sea- and their Grandfather. Whilst exploring the area around her new home, Bryony- a real horse-lover- manages to calm a spooked pony and an instant bond is forged between them. 

The pony belongs to Georgina Brook, who cares so little for her horse that she hasn't even named him. Although Georgina tells her to stay away, Bryony finds this impossible and when Georgina goes down with chickenpox, she seizes her chance and offers to look after the pony. However, this ends all too soon and it looks as if Bryony and her beloved pony will be parted forever...

Much loved for her 'Shifty McGifty' stories and other picture books, Tracey has now worked her story telling magic to produce a longer story for older primary children. Although this is the perfect book for a horse-lover in the tradition of the Pullein-Thompson sisters and Mary O'Hara, it is also a lovely story about friendship and family.

For those who love horses, the book has lots of pony appeal- it is full of detail and knowledge which will be familiar to those in the know. However, this does not dominate the story, but is seamlessly woven into the plot, allowing non-horse obsessives to enjoy the book just as much! 

Bryony is a lovely character; optimistic and sunny-natured, she cares deeply about her family and friends. Her determination to succeed and to accept the great responsibility that comes with pet ownership contrasts clearly with the selfish behaviour of others. Each character is well developed and believable- even the pony, Red!

It is a gentle adventure story, perfect for children who like a 'real' adventure, in a 'real' setting, full of familiar characters. Beautifully written, it is the first in what I am sure will be a very popular series. 

Seaview Stables Adventures: The Pony with No Name   Tracey Corderoy

Simon and Schuster    ISBN: 978-1471170416

To be published August 23rd 2018