Hay Festival: Steven Camden


Author of 'Tape' and 'It's About Love', Steven Camden is a real joy to listen to. His warmth and enthusiasm are infectious and so I was delighted to attend another of his events.

Steven explained that he thinks of writing as treasure; it's written and then left for anyone else to discover. And his new book, 'Nobody Real' is a real gem of a story. Listening to him read from it was completely absorbing...


In the story, Thor is the imaginary friend of a girl called Marcie. A boy with bear arms, he was sent away by her and is now facing the fade. But years on, Marcie once again turns to him as she faces difficult decisions. It is a beautifully crafted story, brilliantly original and compelling- I could not put it down.


Sreven had us working with a partner in the audience to create our own imaginary friend and their creator, filling in the story around them. His zest, energy and humour inspired everyone to create amazing characters and have great fun. Ffion and I created Sophie, a penguin who lived in an igloo style play house in the garden, who became her dance partner when she needed one. 

Steven shared more of 'Nobody Real', having invited a member of the audience to read with him, before the session ended.  Magical!

Nobody Real     Steven Camden

Harper Collins     ISBN: 978-0008168384