LONG LIST REVIEW: Witch for a Week


Emily Pickles lives with her family in a small town called Smallbridge where she works in the family shop, 'Pickles' Emporium'. Elsie is a girl who loves reading and who also has a great sense of adventure and want a pair of beautiful blue shoes. When the local witch, Magenta Sharp blew into the shop looking for a 'temporary caretaker' to look after her house for a week, Elsie jumps at the chance to do something more exiting- and to earn twenty-one gold pieces. Soon, Elsie is dealing with Magenta's interesting neighbours and her sulky raven, Corbett, and is dabbling in magic with interesting results...

Fun from start to finish, this is a joy of a book - perfect for reading aloud. Elsie is the most wonderful character; calm in a crisis and good-natured, she rises to every challenge being Magenta's house-sitter throws at her. 

The story is full of Kaye Umansky's delicious humour and Ashley King's illustrations perfectly match the quirky nature of the tale. The story also offers plenty to discuss and enjoy along the way, but it is a real joy to read aloud, offering plenty of opportunities to 'do the voices' and add details to bring each character to life with a class! 

'Witch for a Week' also makes a brilliant read alone book, achievable and satisfying. Magic!

Witch for a Week   Kaye Umansky, illustrated by Ashley King

Simon and Schuster     ISBN: 978-1471160905