Girls Can Do Anything


In this joyous celebration of diversity and individuality, the message is loud and clear. You can do anything you set your mind to- whoever you are, whatever you look like, whatever you like to do. 

Told in rhyming text, the book celebrates all the things girls can do, but it keeps returning to the individual, making the powerful message personal to the reader-

But all girls are brilliant, and that includes you!

Each one of us is unique and Ali Pye's fabulous illustrations really shout that message. Bright, bold and colourful, they are also full of humour. Images of notable women are also included in a picture gallery showing women like Clara Barton (founder of the American Red Cross) and scientist, Hualan Chen- perfect for investigating. Shown as Andy Worhol type images, the focus here is completely on the fact that they are being celebrated as women.  More eminent women are included on the final endpapers, perfectly complementing the front ones which show a gallery of 'future...' girls! This idea could easily be used in schools- but including the boys as well- showing that they too can defy conventions and hold 'traditionally female roles' should they wish to.

A brilliant book- now we need a partner one for boys!

Girls Can Do Anything     Caryl Hart, illustrated by Ali Pye

Scholastic      ISBN: 978-1407177380