Grumpy Duck


Nothing is going right for Duck. With a dry pond and no one to play with, she is feeling grumpy and a little grey cloud appears above her head. From then on, no matter who she meets, everything just makes her more grumpy and the grey cloud get bigger until it is a ginormous black cloud hanging over everyone.

Suddenly, the cloud bursts with millions of shiny, wet raindrops and all of sudden, things don't seem so bad any more. Everyone is having fun, splashing and playing in puddles. The cloud has disappeared and in its place is a beautiful rainbow.


Everyone has days where nothing seems to be going right and this lovely story sees all Duck's friends trying to cheer her up. The story also acknowledges how one person feeling gloomy can affect others as Duck's grey cloud spreads over everyone, making them all sad. But as soon as the cloud bursts and Duck's mood changes, everyone's mood lifts and they all join in the fun!


The illustrations are joyful- Petr Horacek's distinctive style and bold use of colour are so appealing and his characters are always so full of life. The rainbow at the end of the story is lovely - perfect for inspiring practice with watercolours, colour mixing and just having fun with colour.

'Grumpy Duck' is a delightful story, which will bring a splash of colour to the dullest day!


Grumpy Duck    Joyce Dunbar, illustrated by Petr Horacek

Walker Books    ISBN: 978-1406378245

Grumpy Duck will be published on the 4th October 2018