LONG LIST REVIEW: Little Lemur Laughing


This is a wonderful collection of poems with something to appeal to all ages and tastes! There are funny poems, shape poems, touching poems, kennings... so much to enjoy. 

Many of these poems could be used to inspire children to explore poetry writing and Joshua Seigal has helpfully included some notes at the end of the book to encourage just that! There are so many possibilities so here we will focus on just a few.

'Kennel Kennings' is a wonderful exploration of the characteristics of a much loved pet. Children could have a go at describing their own pets in this way, really thinking about their quirks and foibles, choosing their words carefully. Or they could focus on a creature being studied in science, a figure from history or a character in a book... so many possibilities!

The poem 'Friends' would make a brilliant performance piece with lots of opportunities for children to interpret it in their own way. Easy to learn, it also lends itself to creating other verses including the names of children in the class.

Using 'Letter to Spring', children can create their own shape poem by writing in the shape of the thing they are writing as- for example, a bee to a flower or a boat to a river. Children could be encouraged to use role play and questioning techniques to develop their ideas before composing.

With lots of examples of how a poet uses poetic techniques with flair, this collection is a must have for every classroom! 

Little Lemur Laughing    Joshua Seigal, illustrated by Chris Piascik

Bloomsbury     ISBN: 978-1472930040