LONG LIST REVIEW: Nimesh the Adventurer


Walking home from school is no ordinary journey for brave adventurer, Nimesh! Everyday people, places and objects are transformed into the amazing through the imaginative eyes of this little boy who relishes the possibilities the world around him has to offer. A shark infested corridor, a sleigh pulled by dogs and a ship full of pirates are a few of the things he encounters on his journey. 

Written as dialogue, an unidentified voice talks to Nimesh on the way home, responding to his wildly imaginative chatter with very dull responses until the end where they try to join in with suggestions and Nimesh responds, 'Don't be silly...this is home.'

There is so much humour to enjoy in the story as the pictures are full of clues about where Nimesh's ideas are coming from. Sharing a book about dragons leads to Nimesh imagining a sleeping dragon slumped over a desk, her head resting on her marking, her neat red shoes under the desk- surely not the teacher! An 'under the sea' display in the corridor featuring sharks is imagined as the bottom of the ocean. The ski shop combined with a lady walking three lively dogs is transformed into a sleigh pulled by a dog team. Each picture encourages the use of imagination and allows children to add their own ideas to Nimesh's adventure. My favourite is the picture of the local park where, sitting on a bench in Royal Walk, Nimesh spots an elderly lady sitting on a bench who he sees as a young princess. I am sure there is another story behind this picture- 'Margeret II' and 'Cantas' are carved into the tree trunk...

The illustrations are wonderful; vibrant and captivating, collages combine photographs with other media which supports the mix of reality and fantasy that is Niimesh's journey home. 

Nimesh the Adventurer   Ranjit Singh, illustrated by Mehrdokht Amini

Lantana    ISBN: 978-1911373247