Loved to Bits


Having a special toy is wonderful and 'Stripy Ted' is one little boy's closest companion and confidant. The two are inseparable and as time passes, their adventures lead to many misadventures for poor Ted who becomes increasingly battered and worn until he has lost not only his stripes, one ear and an eye, but both arms and legs too. When mum steps in and offers to repair Ted, the boy chooses to keep him just as he is.


A celebration of imaginative play, 'Loved to Bits' is a delightful story of a child's love for their toy. The boy and his bear are shown having fantastic adventures with Ted a constant source of comfort and support and this love and loyalty are returned by the boy when Ted has quite literally been 'loved to bits'.


These days, throwing things away seems to be the norm and anything slightly imperfect is quickly abandoned so it is a real joy to see a book about a much loved, tatty Ted being valued and kept. A lovely one to share!

Loved to Bits   Teresa Heapy and Katie Cleminson

David Fickling     ISBN: 978-1910200636