For each letter of the alphabet, there is a beautiful picture and a poem about an animal. H is for hedgehog, J for jaguar and R for rhinoceros. There are more unusual choices as well- U is for urial (a wild sheep), Q is for quoll (an Australian marsupial) and A for armadillo. 

Each poem is short and informative, demonstrating perfectly how facts can be presented in poetic form. Children looking at interdependence and adaptation in science could easily take inspiration and create their own verse about an animal of their choice, selecting the features they feel are most significant. 

Every image is a joy to behold! On the page with the poem, smaller pictures surround the writing whilst a full page opposite is given to a poster-like illustration of the creature. The hedgehog is gorgeous- curled in a tight ball on one page and snuffling through the leaves on the other. The bumble bee is in shades of gold and brown, patterned body hovering about a sun-like flower. The crocodile is green above the water line, yet shades of blue beneath. There is much to look at and discuss in each one- why does the swan have the outline of a protractor on its folded wing?- and could inspire print making or paper cutting to accompany children's own poems- or for the pure pleasure of creating beautiful pictures.

A beautiful book to be shared and enjoyed.

Alphamals     Graham Carter

Big Picture Press      ISBN: 978-1783706853