This collection of poems blasts the reader off not only into space as the title suggests, but also into the past, into fairy tales, zoos, school... As with all our reviews of poetry collections, it is impossible to look at each one so here are a few of my favourites!

'Not Wrong, Just Different' is a wonderful poem which looks at how people from different places can call the same thing a different name. In this poem, it is whether the fruit is called a blackberry or a bramble, offering plenty of possibilities for sharing ideas and valuing regional differences. 

For those learning about the Tudors, 'The Six Wives' offers a fun way of remembering the wives of Henry VIII and their fates. This poem would make a brilliant performance piece, being quick and easy to learn in sections. Children could also try to write their own versions. 

Towards the end of the book, there are several alternative versions of fairy tales and traditional stories. I particularly like 'Snow Queen'; it's opening line Nothing like Elsa... immediately draws attention to the fact that the interpretation of this story now so well known has little to do with the original. Lots to discuss and think about!

A great collection of poems, full of imagination and humour, to be enjoyed again and again.

Blast Off!        Carole Bromley, illustrated by Cathy Benson

Small Donkey     ISBN: 978-1910367766