LONG LIST REVIEW: Almost Anything


You can do almost anything with a little bit of magic!’

It is a busy sort of day and all of the woodland creatures are doing this and that. All except one – George. George didn’t think he could do this and that, so instead he did nothing. All of the other animals in the woodland try to encourage George to join in but he just does not believe he can do it. That is until a very wise, very old bear makes George a magic hat that will allow him to do almost anything. With his hat upon his head, George tentatively gives roller skating a try. Although he starts off a bit wobbly, after a time the magic works and he find he can skate. George is then eager to try kite flying, dancing, painting and so much more. When George realises that his magic hat is missing, Bear helps George to see that the magic was inside him all along; he just needed to give it a chance.

George the rabbit is incredibly loveable – those ears are so expressive – and, just like many children, he utters the words’ “I can’t!” rather than taking a leap of faith and trusting in himself and having courage. It takes Bear and his carefully folded paper hat to give George the confidence to give things a try… and to keep trying… until he really can do 'almost anything.’ This story will help children to see the ‘George’ inside them and, just maybe, be the ‘Bear’ to someone else. What a wonderful way to teach children (young and old) about the power of resilience and grit, the importance of self-belief and that we all have a bit of magic inside us (we just need to give it a chance).

From the gorgeous illustrations to the simple, yet powerful message, ‘Almost Anything’ is an absolute joy – a real gem. Visually stunning and filled with delightful details and charming characters, it is a story that should be read and shared again and again.

Almost Anything    Sophy Henn

Puffin     ISBN: 978-0141385471

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