Bob and his dog, Rex, live in a perfectly neat and tidy house. Life is good- except they are very poor so Bob needs to find a job. So, he decides to become a pet-sitter- what could be easier?

However, things do not go according to plan as the pets that turn up are not expected and Bob is not prepared for the chaos which follows!

This is a wonderfully funny and engaging story which cleverly includes favourite fairy tale characters, encouraging children to join in with what they know about these favourite stories. As more and more characters appear bringing their 'pets' for Bob to look after- the troll with the three billy goats, Jack with his goose, Goldilocks with Baby Bear- poor Bob gets more and more fraught whilst Rex tries to cope with all the work of looking after the menagerie. 

Although you don't have to know the traditional tales to enjoy the story, 'Fairy Tale Pets' is a wonderful way of engaging children with those stories if they don't know them- and sadly, lots of children do not seem to know many traditional fairy tales, folklore and rhymes. The story is easily used with older children as well as there is much to discuss about character and viewpoint. The story also offers lots of writing and creative opportunities. 

Jorge Martin's bold, bright illustrations perfectly complement the text and add lots of humour. The ending is wonderful with Jack and Rex oblivious to what they have done. Another adventure for these two should follow in a next book- and I hope it does!

Brilliant fun with lovely illustrations, 'Fairy Tale Pets' is sure to be a story children will want to share again and again,

Fairy Tale Pets    Tracey Corderoy, illustrated by Jorge Martin

Little Tiger    ISBN: 978-1848694422