Alfonzo the goat is very proud of his new coat. As he sets off for a walk, he can hear people admire it as he passes by. However, on his journey, he meets a series of animals in need and in each situation, Alfonzo sacrifices some of his special coat to help them, leaving him cold and alone. Will his kindness to others be rewarded?

'Goat's Coat' is an absolutely lovely story which celebrates the joy kindness brings. With each animal he helps, Goat sacrifices a little bit of the coat he is so proud of, making him sad as his coat becomes increasingly shabby, but good inside for having helped. Although he could have walked away, Goat took time to stop and help solve the problems of others- a lesson for us all!

The story also shows how acts of kindness can be returned and when Goat is the one in need, his new friends rally round to repay his generosity. I used this story with my Year 6 class as the inspiration for some writing and the results they came up with were delightful!

The rhyming text is great for reading aloud and bounces along happily. Christine Pym's illustrations are delightful; colourful and cheerful, they complement the text perfectly. A wonderful story with a wonderful message!

Goat's Coat   Tom Percival, illustrated by Christine Pym

Bloomsbury    ISBN: 9781408881026