LONG LIST REVIEW: I'm Going to Eat this Ant


Anteater is very hungry, but he is fed up of his monotonous diet- always wriggling, tickling, stinging, fighting, biting ants! So, for a change, he selects a nice, juicy looking ant and dreams up a whole host of novel new ways of ant eating. But whilst he is getting creative, his dinner has very different ideas!

Surrounded by fabulous illustrations bursting with humour, 'I'm Going to Eat this Ant' is a wonderful story to share. Using rich language full of culinary terms, the story bounces along playfully until the tables are turned with a twist at the end. 

The use of alliterative phrases make the story trip off the tongue- a great story to share! The humour of the story starts at the very beginning with the line of ants carrying ant-like food (we had great fun trying to decide which one ended up as the anteaters' dream dinner!), but at the end carrying off all the ingredients and kitchen utensils from the fantasy menu! The image of the ants celebrating their triumph is also worth lingering over! 

A f-ANT-astic book!

I'm Going to Eat This Ant      Chris Naylor-Ballesteros

Bloomsbury     ISBN: 978-1408869901

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