Life on the streets is tough for Percy – the peckish pint-sized pigeon. Each morning he flies to the station in the hope of catching a few crumbs from the busy commuters. But one morning, Percy and his rumbling tummy are out of luck. When he tries to peck a fallen crumb at the station, he is buffeted away by a gang of greedy pigeons. So, Percy takes his quest for food further afield.

Flapping his little wings as hard as he could, Percy flew over the rooftops of the city below and towards the park. When he finally arrived, hungrier than ever, greedy ducks were already gobbling up all of the seed and did not want to share with Percy. Percy flapped his wings faster than he ever had before to get to the seaside, where a giant seagull stole the bit of fish Percy had stumbled upon and then threw him in the rubbish bin!

Weak with hunger, Percy swerved and dipped above the city rooftops before tumbling to the pavement below. Here he sat, hungry and ignored. Here, from the most unexpected source he finds the offer of kindness, the warmth of the last chip and a new friend. Suddenly, life on the streets did not feel quite so tough.

‘The Last Chip,’ is a delightful story which promotes the importance of sharing and that everyone, no matter how much or how little they have, can show kindness and generosity. It is the unexpected twist at the end of the story, and the unlikely source of Percy’s saviour, that makes this story such a triumph.

The story is accompanied by wonderfully characterful illustrations, filled with fun details and (for those of us who know and love Bristol and North Somerset) some very familiar places. This heartwarming tale is sure to spark much conversation about society and charity. The fact that a proportion of the proceeds from this book go to charity is the icing on the cake.

The Last Chip    Duncan Beedie

Templar Publishing       ISBN: 978-1783700011

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