LONG LIST REVIEW: This Zoo is Not for You


Platypus arrives at the zoo where the animals are holding interviews. Once greeted by Tiger, he is sent to one animal after another who each in turn find reasons for why this zoo is not for him. Having realised they were quite rude and needed to make amends, the animals also realise they had mistaken Platypus's reason for arriving at the zoo in the first place. 

The zoo animals in the story are quite outspoken and unkind when faced with Platypus, quickly pointing out their own charms in comparison. Their thoughtless, harmful words trip from their tongues easily and it is only later that they take the time to reflect on their actions and realise how unkind they were- and that they had misinterpreted Platypus's actions. The story offers the perfect opportunity to discuss how the animals acted. Each one of these creatures is unique, beautiful, originates from a different place and has different needs, yet all should be able to co-exist in the zoo and allow new faces to join them- the same can be said of us humans. 

The rhyming text bounces along, making the story great to read aloud and create lots of voices for each animal. The illustrations are full of humour: Chi Chi the panda is surrounded by his own merchandise, the snooty flamingos pose on their spindly legs and the monkeys are behaving appallingly whilst our gentle Platypus continues on, wearing a slightly bemused expression! The story starts and ends visually on the end papers as the reader sees Platypus writing a letter and then driving off to the zoo and at the other end, the aftermath of the party!

A fabulous story for everyone to enjoy.

This Zoo is Not for You     Ross Collins

Nosy Crow     ISBN: 978-1788002523

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