Blip loves her computer, using it to help her learn, play and see the world- all day long. One day, a power cut leads her to leave the house where she discovers the joy of being outside.

‘Unplugged’ is a charming tale about the joy of disconnecting from technology and embracing the great outdoors. The story starts in shades of grey as Blip, a bright, happy little robot, is plugged into her computer. Whilst connected, Blip explores many things. She is not just gaming- she learns, exercises and plays- showing the computer has a positive side. Blip’s sweet little face registers a whole range of expressions, showing the talent of the illustrator!

When Blip becomes ‘unplugged’, the illustrations change from shades of grey to the soft pastel colours of a fresh spring day. Here the layouts and text mimic those of the previous pages, but the pictures show Blip engaging with others and exploring the world for real! Although she returns to her grey world, things are not the same for Blip- she keeps returning to the freedom and beauty of the world outside.

We all probably spend far too much time connected to technology and ‘Unplugged’ offers the perfect way of discussing this with children. Although acknowledging what the internet has to offer, it highlights the importance of connecting with others and leaving technology behind- at least for a while! The illustrations are gorgeous; Blip is adorable and I hope she features in more stories to come!

Unplugged    Steve Antony

Hodder Children's Books     ISBN: 978-1444934151


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