LONG LIST REVIEW: You Can't Make Me Go to Witch School!


Daisy Wart is living in the land of SERIOUSLY ANNOYED. As a serious Shakespearean  actress, she wants everyone to see her Bottom- her role in 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' that is- but Granny Wart is convinced that she is a witch and has to attend Toadspit Towers, school for witches. Adamant that she is ac-chew-ally not a witch, Daisy hatches plan after plan to escape, but the school has different ideas with its pupil eating plants and ghastly 'best and brightest' Dominique. With new friends keen to help her prove that she is not a witch and display her Bottom for all to see, Twinkle (yes- that is her witchy name!) must employ all her ingenuity to escape Toadspit Towers and return to the stage where she believes she belongs!

Full of fun and laughter, 'You Can't Make Me Go to Witch School!' is a delightful story, perfect for reading aloud. Daisy is a wonderful personality with a knack for getting into trouble and causing mayhem and she is surrounded by other lively and likeable- and not so likeable- characters. Her friends, Jess and Shalini, the teachers, the despicable Dominique all add to the enjoyment of the story. An non-conformist in a situation which requires witches to conform, Daisy's decisions offer the possibility for discussions about making choices as well as standing up to bullying behaviours.

Life at Toadspit Towers has been carefully thought through with many detail to enjoy. The girls sleep in cauldrons and earn ticks as rewards which can buy them better food and treats; their hats show their status and each witch has magic charms on a magic charm bracelet. Although the story is in the tradition of 'The Worst Witch', it is a very original, entertaining tale with an edge to the ending. 

Jamie Littler's illustrations are as lively and enjoyable as the text, adding to the humour of the story. This is a real treasure of a book and children will be desperate to read more about Daisy Wart and her friends. Brilliant book!

You Can't Make Me Go to Witch School!       Em Lynas, illustrated by Jamie Littler

Nosy Crow        ISBN: 978-1788000130