LONG LIST REVIEW: Something Fishy


Our feline friend is very confused and cannot work out what is going on. All the normally pampered puss wants is some fish and yet no matter how nicely she asks, no one seems to be paying attention to her needs. When Cat is left alone, she is sure fish will soon be coming her way, but what the family returns home with is definitely not fish.

The reader can see and understand what Cat cannot- the pictures show mum's tummy getting bigger and bigger and the expectant family gathering things ready for their new arrival. Cat's range of expressions are a joy to behold as she struggles to understand what is happening to her normally cat centred world.

The jealousy and rejection felt by Cat make this a wonderfully 'safe' story for discussing feelings around the imminent arrival of a sibling. Cat's face expresses a whole range of emotions, resulting in her running off into the rain, only to be pursued by her loving family- the purr-fect happy ending to the tale.

Bold colours and bright images fill the pages, making this a very attractive and appealing book which is a joy to read aloud!

Something Fishy     Polly Dunbar

Two Hoots     ISBN: 978-1509837991