Twister's father is missing and she is determined to find him. Although she enjoys learning and has love and support from her Aunt Honey and her faithful dog, Point, her mother is depressed and local people view Twister and her family with suspicion. 

When Twister meets the mysterious MayMay in the middle of the woods, she finds that she has been chosen by the magical necklace, Wah, which offers the wearer magical powers. This opens up possibilities for Twister, but also leads her on a dangerous path...

A wonderfully unique character, Twister is brave and loyal. Named for the storm she was born in, she is full of restless energy and has an amazing voice. She keeps going in the face of cruel treatment, never giving up her belief her father will return.

Lots of action is packed into this adventure, making it a real page turner. There are darker themes at play- Clem, a bully who victimises Twister cruelly, is bullied in turn by his father, Hack, and there are some very scary moments throughout, but Juliette Forrest handles this very well, making compelling reading.

'Twister' is a beautifully written, magical, engaging story which will have you on the edge of your seat to the very end. 

Twister     Juliette Forrest

Scholastic   ISBN: 978-1407185118


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