LONG LIST REVIEW: Welcome to Our World


Customs, traditions, culture and languages from all round the world are celebrated in this wonderful book.

The introduction explains that we are all different, but all have things in common. It encourages the reader to make friends with others, to have fun, to share what is different and what is the same. It encourages them to have a go at other languages, using the pronunciation guide in the book, looking them up online or trying to hear them 'spoken by a native speaker' It promotes a sense of excitement and discovery which permeates the whole book.

From greetings to mealtimes, from family to pets, school to clothing, this joyous book explores all areas of life, asking questions of the reader along the way. 'What special hats do people wear in your country?', 'How do you get to school?', 'Do you have any clothes you like to wear for special occasions?'. 

There is so much in this book which could be used in school. The section on playtime games called 'My Turn!' would be great fun to try out and build upon to create a bank of alternative games for playtime. Drinks and recipes from around the world could be made and tried, encouraging everyone who has a favourite to share it with their friends. 

The illustrations are wonderful- full of joy and colour- adding to the appeal of this lovely book.

Welcome to our World    Moira Butterfield, illustrated by Harriet Lynas

Nosy Crow     ISBN: 978-1788001373