'The Truth About Lies' Launch


On Thursday, I left school in record time and made my way to Bath for the launch of Tracy Darnton's new book, 'The Truth About Lies'. I made it just in time!


Lots of people had turned out for this wonderful event! Tracy was wearing a dress covered in swimmers which -although she looked lovely in it- puzzled me for a moment until I saw the cover of the book! Then all became clear!


 'The Truth About Lies' is about a young girl called Jess who remembers everything- every single detail of every single day. I haven't read it yet, but having listened to Tracy speaking about it, I am looking forward to it! She has obviously done a lot of research reading around the topic of memory and the book sounds like a gripping and fascinating read. 


I am really pleased that I was able to join Tracy, her family and friends for the launch of her debut novel. Oh- and meet the knitted brain, of course!


The Truth About Lies      Tracy Darnton

Stripes        ISBN: 978-1847159489

Published 12th July 2018