Brilliant Bookshops: Korn & Berg, Nuremberg, Germany


Last week, I visited the lovely city of Nuremberg in Germany. A beautiful place, it also boasts the oldest bookshop in Germany which was conveniently located next door but two to our hotel! 


Korn and Berg was established in 1531, although not on its current site. Spread across two rooms, each with an upstairs, it is a beautiful shop, airy and light, and crammed full of bookish delights! 


The children's section was excellent! There was a fantastic range of books on offer with not a paperback in sight! There were many titles I recognised, but also treats waiting to be discovered. I now need to brush up on my schoolgirl German so I can read the ones that I bought!


The staff were so friendly and helpful and it was a pleasure to spend time browsing. Korn and Berg is a brilliant bookshop well worth a visit!