The Key to Flambards


Fourteen year old Grace has had a lot to cope with after a life changing accident and the divorce of her parents. Now she finds herself facing another change- leaving her city home and heading to the countryside to live at Flambards, her family's ancestral home. 

However, Grace soon learns to love her new surroundings and becomes fascinated by the connection she has to those who used to live there. She also comes to know the present inhabitants of the area, including Jamie, open-hearted and nature loving nature and Marcus. moody and dealing with problems at home. As she discovers more about the history of Flambards, Grace truly finds where she belongs. 

K M Peyton is my favourite children's author. As a child, I spent hours in the world she created, wishing I could be there and writing my own stories inspired by her work. From the first page of the first 'Flambards' book, I was completely caught up in life at Flambards. I read and re-read these books countless times, hoping Christina would end up married to Dick. Anyone who has read the series will probably be able to guess that the fourth book, 'Flambards Divided' was not my favourite and the one I read least! I also found it impossible to watch the television series- how could it match the world I had imagined from K M Peyton's wonderful writing? 

So having been sent a copy of Linda Newbery's book, 'The Key to Flambards', I was completely torn- desperate to read more about Flambards, but not wanting anything to spoil K M Peyton's original stories. 

But I needn't have worried. Linda Newbery has managed to use the world of Flambards, drawing on threads from the original and weaving them into a new story of her own. The characters she has created are appealing and carry their own stories as well as being linked to those in the past, making for a well developed plot, exploring many ideas.

Sometimes, it is hard to review a book without spoiling it for other readers and this is one of those stories. Suffice it to say that this is a book that is well worth reading and that Linda Newbery has produced a wonderful tribute to the genius of K M Peyton and the magical world of Flambards. I loved it!

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