Cinderfella is badly treated by his two very demanding older brothers who expect him to do everything. From clipping their toenails to charging their phones, Gus and Gareth laze around, leaving him to do all the work. 

On the day that Kayleigh, the junior karate champion, was having her party. the two were even more bossy and, having made Cinders do all the work, set off on their scooters (carefully shined by Cinderfella), wearing their best outfits (carefully ironed by Cinderfella). Luckily, Cinders' dog, Ruff, found the letter inviting ALL the brothers at number 12, so all dressed up in his brothers' clothes, Cinderfella headed off to the party. And you can guess how the story ends!


The version of Cinderella we all know and love is completely turned on its head in this re-telling with brothers instead of sisters, a female karate champion instead of a prince and sunglasses being left behind instead of a slipper. Even 'Ruff' who plays the role of Fairy Godmother (or Fairy Dog-mother) contributes to the changes as although the reader knows she is female by the pronoun usage, she  is made to look like a 'boy dog', adding to the opportunities for discussions about stereotyping etc. 


The illustrations are delightful- full of fun and action. We loved following the adventures of the white mice which appear throughout the story. The party scenes are wonderful- packed with a wide rang of characters all having a great time! But our favourite character has to be Kayleigh- a no nonsense, karate kicking heroine to be proud of!

Brilliant for home or school, 'Cinderfella' offers much to discuss and enjoy!

Cinderfella   Malachy Doyle, illustrated by Matt Hunt

Walker Books   ISBN: 978-1406370638