Ruby's Worry


Ruby is a happy, adventurous little girl who one day, discovers a worry. It's only a small worry and she tries to ignore it, but little by little the Worry grows until it dominates everything she does and everywhere she goes. Ruby is now worrying about her worry and can't think about anything else. However, a chance meeting with a little boy in the park helps her to control her worry by talking about it. Finally, Ruby stars to feel like herself again with the new found knowledge of how to deal with another worry should one come along.


This is a wonderful book for encouraging children -and adults- to discuss their worries. With mental health issues being a real concern, 'Ruby's Worry' offers an excellent starting point for talking about how we can deal with things when they are troubling us. Ruby does what many of us do when faced with a worry- she bottles up her feelings and tries to pretend there is nothing wrong. Meeting someone who also has a worry allows her to realise that she is not alone- and this makes everyone more likely to talk about things. 


Beautifully illustrated, colour has been cleverly used to focus on the scale of Ruby's worry. The colour is gradually leached from the pages as Ruby's worry grows and then a rainbow surrounds her and her new friend as their worries shrink. Ruby is delightful with a wonderfully expressive face and the her worry is no made to look threatening, just anxious, offering a safe way of visualising problems if needed. 

I really like the way that the story doesn't promise that Ruby will have no more worries or that all her problems will be solved, but that problems can be made more manageable when shared. The story makes worries seem something normal, something which can be coped with. An excellent book- visually appealing and with a lovely sentiment. Every class/ home should have one!

Ruby's Worry     Tom Percival

Bloomsbury      ISBN: 978-1408892138