Wild Facts about Nature


Completely absorbing, 'Wild Facts about Nature' offers page after page of fascinating facts about nature. Published in partnership with the RSPB, the book offers all the fun facts, jokes, quizzes, things to do, puzzles and so on we have come to expect from the one and only Andy Seed!

Organised into clear sections with headings like 'Places with Tales to Tell', 'Peculiar Plants' and 'Nutty Nature', the book is crammed with information, brilliantly presented in bite sized chunks. Each page is carefully laid out to allow the maximum information to be as easily accessible as possible. And there is so much to learn...

Can you say 'otter' in Maori? Or any of the other 14 languages featured on page 83? Did you know that three new types of hairy spiders that feast on birds and bats were reported by Brazilian researchers in 2017? Do you know what a 'caracal', a 'kodkod' or a 'serval' is? And what about an 'axolotl'? Find out all about them on page 76.

There are jokes, riddles and puzzles...

Why are rhinos wrinkly?

They don't like being ironed.

Brilliantly illustrated by Scott Garrett, 'Wild Facts about Nature' is an absolute must have for anyone who is nuts about nature, fascinated by facts or likes a laugh!

Wild Facts about Nature     Andy Seed, illustrated by Scott Garrett

Bloomsbury      ISBN: 978-1408891872

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