Bob's Blue Period


Bob and Bat are great friends and enjoy doing lots of things together. The thing they love best is painting.

One day, Bob found a note from Bat explaining he must go away for a while which left Bob feeling lost and blue. Everything Bob painted was blue until his friends help him rediscover all the beautiful colours in the world just in time for Bat’s homecoming!


‘Bob the Artist’ is a great favourite of mine so I was delighted to discover Bob’s latest adventure. The illustrations are wonderful- seemingly simple, but perfect. Bob, Bat and their friends are full of character and emotion.


Perfect for discussions about friendship, feeling sad and acknowledging and accepting feelings, ‘Bob’s Blue Period’ is a lovely story to share in class or at home. It could also inspire lots of art work-blue and otherwise!

Bob’s Blue Period Marion Deuchars

Laurence King ISBN: 978-1786270702

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