We can do...Almost Anything!


Om Monday, our whole school used ‘Almost Anything’ by Sophy Henn. The message in the story is so important- keep trying…the magic is in you! The perfect message- especially for developing a positive mind set at the start of a new school year.

The day started with an assembly and the children had areal treat- Sophy had sent them a message! They were very excited and really keen to talk about the story.


Each teacher decided how they wanted to work with the book in their classroom and in Year 6, the children responded really well to the story, offering lots of ideas and suggestions about the story and what it meant to them.


Each children created their own paper hat like George’s and wrote something they felt a little bit wobbly about on the brim. This was something they chose for themselves and there was lots of lively discussion about how they were going to work at it!


We then made some bunting to go in our book corner with positive messages and pictures of George. The class loved doing this - they really enjoyed drawing George and produced some excellent pictures!


We also wrote letters of advice to George, suggesting things he could do when he’s feeling wobbly about doing something. They produced some excellent letters, full of lovely advice which they really enjoyed writing!


Teachers across the school were delighted with their classes response to this delightful story - and when anyone feels insecure about trying something new, we can remind them about George and how they too can do…almost anything!

Many thanks to Sophy Henn for sending us such a lovely message.