Let's Get ...Unplugged!


Having decided to have this week as our Book Week, we have taken a new book to celebrate and explore throughout the school. Monday was ‘Almost Anything’ by Sophy Henn; Tuesday was the turn of ‘Unplugged’ by Steve Antony.

This lovely story is about Blip who spends much of her time plugged into the computer until one day, she becomes ‘unplugged’ and finds herself outside having a wonderful time. We thought this was a wonderful message to explore with our children.

After lots of lively discussion, Year 6 decided to create their own book along the lines of the National Trust’s ‘50 Things to Do…’ books, in our case ‘90 Things to do when you’re Unplugged!’ (We have 90 year 6 children). And here it is…


Each child thought about something which they enjoy doing which gets them exploring the great outdoors and wrote a contribution for the book.


They had such lovely ideas which they really enjoyed sharing, explaining and writing about.


Every child made a contribution and they adored Blip and her story. We had to read it four times in my class!

Unplugged Steve Antony

Hodder Children’s ISBN: 978-1444934151