The Secret of the Night Train


When Great Aunt Elodie summons one of her Parisian relatives to Istanbul to be her companion, it is Max, the youngest- and least busy- who sets off on a fabulous adventure across Europe. With a nun for a travelling companion and the police believing that the missing Heartbreak Diamond is on her train, there is not a dull moment as Max decides to solve the crime and capture the thief before arriving in Istanbul.

This is a fabulous adventure story! Full of eccentric, engaging and enigmatic characters, the plot moves with the pace of the train, set in chapters following the stages of Max’s journey. Sylvia Bishop’s writing is lively and entertaining and she has created a wonderful heroine in Max.

Agatha Christie for a younger generation, ‘The Secret of the Night Train’ is an exciting, pacey story with plenty of humour, all enhanced by Marco Guadalupi’s lovely illustrations. Highly recommended!

The Secret of the Night Train Sylvia Bishop, illustrated by Marco Guadalupi

Scholastic ISBN: 978-1407184401

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