2019 Nature Month-by-Month: A Children's Almanac


This is a wonderful little book, packed full of fascinating facts, useful information and lots of things to do. Starting with an explanation of what an almanac is and the history behind them, the book is then laid out month by month from January to September.


Each month starts with a reminder about special days and anniversaries. For example, Leonardo da Vinci died on the 2nd May 1519, 500 years ago next May. It was 50 years ago on the 20th July that humans first set foot on the moon. This is followed by traditional sayings related to that month, an explanation of the month’s name , constellations, birthstone and flower. There is so much to learn and enjoy!


The book also contains lots of activities, recipes and games to try each month. In August, try making buttermilk bread for Lammas, pot pourri in July, an Easter tree in April and in December, star topped mince pies. You can find out about festivals and traditions celebrated around the world each month as well as things in nature!


There are pages at the back of the book for the reader to make their own notes in and a comprehensive glossary and index. Each page is fully illustrated and this lovely, sturdy little book is of the high quality now expected from collaborations between Nosy Crow and the National Trust.

The perfect present for young and old alike, ‘A Children’s Almanac’ holds a cornucopia of treats for the whole year.

2019 Nature Month-by-Month: A Children’s Almanac

Anna Wilson, illustrated by Elly Johnz

Nosy Crow and the National Trust ISBN: 978- 1788003391