Little Bobble Bumble-Bee


Whilst in Germany this summer, I discovered some lovely picture books which I just had to have - even tho’ my German is decidedly rusty! So I was delighted when my lovely friend, Ali, offered to translate for me.

Bobbles is a little bumble bee who has tiny wings. Teased by the other young insects, she worries that she will never be able to fly and so asks Daisy Dragonfly, Laura Ladybird, Father Fly and Colin Caterpillar for advice. Finally, she speaks to Carla Cricket whose song helps her understand what she needs to do.

When you think that you’re all alone, and you feel much too small to be important, go your own way.

You’ll soon see, believe me, you’ll understand.

Everyone is different.

There’s a reason for that…

You’ll soon feel strong.

Listen inside yourself.

Courage comes from the heart.

You are you.

Having rushed to visit Dr Daddy-Long-Legs for a dose of courage, Bobbles was soon flying and rushed home to her loving parents.


This is a delightful story with adorable illustrations. Little Bobble is so lovely and her story reassuring for children who are finding things difficult or wondering when they will be able to do something.


The soft colours of the illustrations match the gentle story and each character is full of life. Apparently, there are a series of books featuring this little bumble bee- I hope they are published in English soon!

Die Kleine Hummel Bommel

Britta Sabbag, Maite Kelly and Joelle Tourlonias

Ars Edition ISBN: 978-3845806372