The Bad Bunnies' Magic Show

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I was talking to a colleague today and was really surprised to find that she had never heard of ‘The Bad Bunnies’ Magic Show’ by the incomparable Mini Grey, prompting me to look at it for today’s review!


The Great Hypno’s magic show might have been cancelled, but a new, exciting act has taken its place. Two naughty white rabbits- Abra and Cadabra- have kidnapped the magician and are performing his tricks with interesting results. As things get increasingly out of hand, Abra and Cadabra turn their paws to a spot of hypnotism and robbery. Fortunately, the Great Hypno escapes in time to save the day. Although blasted from the Cannon of Doom and left to clean the stage as a punishment, it seems the bunnies might not have learned their lesson after all…


Fabulous illustrations combine with paper play to tell this wonderful story as there are flaps to lift to reveal the result of magic tricks and partial pages and shaped edges to enhance the action. Magic, mystery and mayhem abound! The bunnies hog centre stage with their antics, but there is plenty of action in the wings as the Great Hypno is assisted in his escape act.


The simple text offers plenty of opportunity to explore and discuss word play and the book makes a great read aloud as there are many places which lend themselves to audience participation. The story is also perfect for discussing the consequences of our actions! This story is pure magic!

The Bad Bunnies’ Magic Show Mini Grey

Simon and Schuster ISBN: 978-1471157592