Lightning Chase Me Home


On her eleventh birthday, Amelia Hester McLeod is taken by her Da to Serpent’s Tooth Rock, as the tradition on the remote Scottish island where she lives, to make a special wish. Her adventurous mother left the family the year before and Amelia misses her desperately so her wish is to be with her mother. When her mother was at home, Amelia (named for two great explorers) had been home schooled, but with her grandfather becoming increasingly absent minded and her father so busy, it has been decided that she should start school on the mainland. With worries about home, having to make friends and her difficulties with reading, Amelia now also has to worry about the things which are happening since she made her wish and touched the rock.

Full of magic and mystery, ‘Lightening Chase Me Home’ is strong mixture of real life and fantasy. Amelia’s concern for her grandfather and his progressing dementia is sensitively and compassionately portrayed. The confidence issues and self doubt her reading difficulties cause her are handled very well, encouraging empathy and understanding in the reader. Amelia is a very believable character and she ‘grows’ over the course of the story, coming to realise things about herself and her family.

The settings are beautifully described- the isolation and intensity of the weather, the ‘glistening black rock’ called Serpent’s Tooth. The traditions and folklore of the island are well crafted, adding to the adventure. A mixture of thoughtful and exciting, this is a compelling read with much to recommend it.

Lighting Chase Me Home Amber Lee Dodd

Scholastic ISBN: 978-1407191652

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