The Kiss


When Grandma left Edwyn’s house, he blew her a kiss which she caught and put in her pocket. This kiss makes Grandma happy and she spreads this joy by sharing with others as she makes her way home. The more she shares, the bigger and heavier the kiss gets. When a wealthy man with a false smile hears about the kiss, he is determined to buy it and will go to any lengths to get it. However, he soon learns that kisses need more than a cage to flourish.


Showing affection and sharing joy are so important and so easy to do! This delightful story shows how one affectionate gesture can make someone so happy that this becomes infectious and their happiness is passed on to everyone they meet. Grandma cheers up the people at the bus stop and the mother in the park because the warmth of Edwyn’s kiss and love have made her happy.


When the kiss is stolen, caged and hidden, it starts to fade because such joy should be shared, not selfishly locked away. The story is perfect for sharing, discussing and enjoying!


The illustrations are lovely! The kisses and hugs are personified beautifully, showing real character and add touches of glowing colour. Jessica Courtney-Tickle has really caught the look of joy on each face as the happiness spreads from person to person.

A lovely story which is perfect for sharing!

The Kiss

Linda Sutherland, illustrated by Jessica Courtney-Tickle

Little Tiger ISBN: 978-1788811026