Hotel Flamingo


When Anna inherits the Hotel Flamingo from her Great Aunt Mathilde, she is disappointed to find that it is a dilapidated shadow of its former self. However, being a determined young lady, she sets about cleaning up with the help of the two remaining members of staff- T Bear, the doorman and Lemmy the hotel receptionist. As more staff are employed, Anna is ready to welcome any guest- cockroach, flamingo, cat- all are welcome at the Hotel Flamingo! But running an animal hotel is no small task. Will Anne be able to overcome all odds and make it a success once more?


What a fantastic little book this is! Having inherited ‘the sunniest hotel in town’, Anna is determined to make it a success and shows that hard work and effort pay off. She is a delightful character, inspiring loyalty and friendship in others and welcoming all to her hotel.


All the animals Anna employs are endearing individuals, full of personality. Madame Le Pig is the feisty. temperamental chef who prides herself in creating ‘real food’, but rises to the challenge of the guests’ many and varied dietary requirements! Hilary Hippo- cleaner extraordinaire- is extremely fastidious yet allergic to dust. Each member of the team is brought to life beautifully, adding humour to the story.

The story is full of illustrations, both colour and black and white, increasing its appeal. ‘Hotel Flamingo’ is just the sort of story we need to encourage children to take their next steps in reading. I’m delighted to hear there will be more in this series!

Hotel Flamingo Alex Milway

Piccadilly ISBN: 978-1848127753

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