Through the Water Curtain


I am fascinated by fairy tales- an interest I share with Cornelia Funke who both selected and introduced this beautiful collection. Although they have often influenced her own writing, she explains why she doesn’t like these stories and yet feels their power to enchant and fascinate.

The book itself is a thing of beauty. Its tempting cover hints at the delights within and is wonderfully tactile. The water drops theme is continued on the endpapers and throughout the book in black and white with each images from the cover linked to its story.

Cornelia Funke let the stories she chose for this collection come to her ‘like magical creatures that cross our path in a labyrinth.’ It is a stunning selection of tales from around the world, many less well known. Each one ends with a comment from Cornelia about the stories origin, parallels to other stories and her thoughts, which adds something special to the selection. The story sources used are all referenced at the back of the book, perfect for those of us who are keen to investigate further!

Not only beautifully bound, but brilliantly re-told, this is a collection to enjoy and cherish for years to come. Fabulous!

Through the Water Curtain selected and introduced by Cornelia Funke

Pushkin Press ISBN: 978-1782692003