My Museum


Max is off to the Museum to look at all the artwork. Whilst other visitors puzzle over a picture, he is busy appreciating the wonders of the world around him.

This wordless book is a complete joy! Max strolls through the museum, completely unfazed by the works of art surrounding him. Why look at a Monet when he can enjoy the world through the window? A mobile by Alexander Calder hangs over his head as her creates a pattern on glass. Tattoos, snail trail patterns, shadows- Max finds art everywhere he looks and his joy in exploring and creating is infectious!


A wonderful and original way of engaging children with art, ‘My Museum’ is full of works by famous people that could be introduced along the way. Max’s activities could inspire so much creativity and exploration using a whole range of materials and tools and lots of conversations about what art really is about and why some pictures end up in museums and galleries and others do not.


The lack of text allows for story building and exploring Max’s thoughts as he makes his way around the museum! Perfect for home or school, this is such a lovely book, beautifully illustrated and very satisfying!

My Museum Joanne Liu

Prestel ISBN: 978-3791373195

Many thanks to my lovely husband who bought this for me when visiting on of the Royal West of England Academy in Bristol. He’s very good to me!