The Marvellous Moon Map


One day, Mouse decides to set off to find the moon. Bear offered to come too, but Mouse is determined; armed solely with his moon map, he will make the journey alone. He sets off bravely but as the woods get darker and the wind whips up, who should emerge from the trees, but Bear. Once again, Mouse refuses help, although now admitting he can’t see the map. Bear is patient, kind and reassuring and together they face each hurdle to the end of their adventure.


Full of comfort and reassurance, ‘The Marvellous Moon Map’ is a beautiful story of true friendship. Determined to prove himself, Mouse is keen to be independent; Bear wants to support him and is concerned, showing all the best qualities of a friend. He doesn’t say ‘I told you so’ or tell Mouse that he knows better-he is just there to support and encourage.

I’ve got you and you’ve got me- so we’ll be all right.


Mouse discovers the importance of having someone to rely on, but also the joy of going on an adventure. Teresa Heapy’s text is beautifully lyrical and the repetitive phrases perfect for joining in with. Each spread is brilliantly brought to life by David Litchfield’s wonderful illustrations and there are instructions for how to make a paper boat at the end. This is sure to become a bedtime favourite!


‘The Marvellous Moon Map’ would also be wonderful to use in the classroom, offering many opportunities for storytelling, creating fantasy maps, talking about overcoming fears and real friendship. Beautiful!

The Marvellous Moon Map Teresa Heapy, illustrated by David Litchfield

Red Fox ISBN: 978-1782956662