Tsundoku: at last, something I’m good at!

Today’s purchases!

Today’s purchases!

"tsundoku" - the act or art of acquiring more books than one will ever actually read, such that they gather in stacks & flocks on shelves and floors (Japanese, 積ん読, lit. "pile up-read"). Robert Macfarlane


I love it when Robert Macfarlane shares a word of the day. Some sound beautiful, some capture a particular mood, feeling or sight perfectly and some make you think. Today’s word made me smile because I think I have finally found something that I excel at!


I have been collecting books since I was tiny and I still have most of my childhood collection. As the years have gone by, many lovely people have given me books and I am regularly to be found in bookshops, seeking new treasures. My house is full of bookcases, each one loaded to bursting, People often ask whether I have read them all… and I have to say no! But does that really matter?


Books are beautiful and being around them makes me happy. They harbour magical worlds, new knowledge, old friends and somewhere to escape to when things are hard going. So if my ‘to be read’ piles are completely out of control and the ‘few books’ I have by the bed actually numbers in the hundreds, who cares?! I’ll keep reading and keep sharing as many wonderful books as I can!


I am a proud ‘sufferer’ of tsundoku, something from which I hope I never recover! Fellow addicts- let’s celebrate!