Odd Science: Incredible Creatures


‘Creatures are fascinating. From miniscule bugs to great beasts of the deep, ferocious dinosaurs to cuddly looking pandas…’

Full of weird and wacky facts about all creatures great and small, ‘Incredible Creatures’ is an extremely accessible and entertaining read.


Perfect for dipping in and out of, each fact is illustrated with colourful, cartoon-like pictures, which add to the appeal. Did you know that sea otters hold hands with their mates while sleeping so that they don’t lose each other? Nor did I! And anyone claiming cats aren’t affectionate can think again as studies have shown that cats prefer human company to food.


Want to know which came first- the chicken or the egg? Incredible Creatures has an answer for you. There are so many fascinating and intriguing facts here that this is a book you will return to time and time again!


The facts are loosely gathered into sections- speed, cats, eggs etc- but it’s also the sort of book you can just open at a random page and learn something new from!

Odd Science Incredible Creatures James Olstein

Pavilion ISBN: 978-1843654025