Paper World: Planet Earth


Today is the publication day of Paper World: Planet Earth. This is a beautifully presented book, full of information about our fabulous planet.


Each spread investigates a geological feature from the layers of the planet to why a volcano erupts to the features of deserts. Clever use of paper cutting allows links between subjects to be made from page to page and lift-the-flaps reveal additional information and details.


For example, on the ‘Volcanoes’ pages, a cross section of a volcano is revealed, clearly labelling the different parts. Another flap conceals a submarine volcano and explains what ‘pillow lava’ is. Correct geographical terms are used throughout the book, with many explained as they are used and an additional glossary at the end.


Each section starts with a succinct explanation of the feature and lots of additional facts, making it more than a novelty book. Areas of study from the KS2 Geography National Curriculum are beautifully introduced here in a way that informs as well as capturing interest. The use of die-cuts and flaps might be a way of inspiring children to adopt a similar approach to presenting their own research, explaining how things happen in a very visual manner.


A delightful book, full of facts and ingenious use of illustration, ‘Paper World: Planet Earth’ is a wonderful way to explore our incredible planet.

Paper World: Planet Earth


Templar ISBN: 978-1787410411