The Importance of Being Ernest the Earwig

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I love a book about books and this one introduces the reader to some classics whilst acknowledging the importance of everyone being reflected in the stories they read.


Central to the story is Ernest, an earwig, who is saddened by the fact that nobody ever writes stories about earwigs. With his friend, Edward, he plays around, adding earwigs to some well-known Nursery Rhymes, but this is not enough so he decides to get inside a book or two.


Finding a bookshop with a sign saying ‘Children’s Literature’, Ernest sets off on a journey of discovery. He takes tea with the Mad Hatter, walks with Mole in the Wild Wood and flies to Never Never Land with Peter Pan. At last he feels noticed and decided to write a book of his own called ‘The Importance of Being Ernest the Earwig’.


This is a delightful story reflecting on the importance of inclusion and of everyone being noticed. Tiny though he is, Ernest takes action and feels like he has changed things. The illustrations are a great talking point, with shelves of books containing many familiar volumes- Heidi, Black Beauty, Mary Poppins and what looks like it might be Mrs Tiggywinkle amongst others, offering plenty to discuss and explore. Original illustrations from ‘The Nursery Alice’, ‘Peter Pan and Wendy’, ‘Cinderella or the Little Glass Slipper’ and ‘The Wind in the Willows’ add to the charm of the story with Ernest taking his place in each adventure.


A wonderful way of introducing new stories or re-visiting old favourites, even the title of this lovely book encourages the joy of exploring stories and becoming part of them! A real treat!

The Importance of Being Ernest the Earwig Nanette Newman, illustrated by Lindsay Branch

Templar Publishing ISBN: 978-1783706365