Mira's Curly Hair


Mira does not like her hair. It’s too curly and can’t be controlled. She wants her hair to be straight and smooth like her mama’s, but no matter what she tries, the curling won’t stop. One day, however, when they go out together, it starts to rain and something wonderful happens…


There is something about each of us that we would probably change if we could, but this lovely story encourages the reader to accept who they are. The natural beauty of Mira’s curly locks is celebrated in every picture, even when she cannot see it for herself. Her desire to be like her mama is lovely and her discovery that Mama’s hair is actually an abundance of curls like her own is delightful.

‘Mama! Mama! Look at your hair!

It looks beautiful and free, curling everywhere!’


The illustrations are just wonderful. Bursting with life and vibrant colours, they are full of detail and the warmth between Mira and her mother is captured perfectly. My favourite is the one of Mira and her mother crouching to shelter from the rain, closely followed by the one shown above!


A wonderful celebration of being yourself, ‘Mira’s Curly Hair’ is perfect for sharing.

Mira’s Curly Hair Maryan al Serkal, illustrated by Rebeca Luciana

Lantana Publishing ISBN: 978- 1911373612

Published April 2019